Home SPECIFICATIONS PRODUCTS PRE-ORDER CONTACT DOWNLOADS HOME Dedicated Editing Keyboard  for use with  Adobe® Photoshop®  OR ANY OTHER IMAGINABLE SOFTWARE FASTER for professionals ! BETTER for middle level users ! FOLLOW US ON EASIER  for beginners ! A MUST-HAVE device !

Everybody knows all advantages  for such a keyboard, especially today when everyone has a camera in the pocket  and want to use such a

software to edit photos, or make design.

It is very very easy for a beginner to start working with Adobe® Photoshop®, OR ANY IMAGINABLE SOFTWARE increase the creativity  for a middle level user and the professionals will be at least  30% faster  working with this dedicated keyboard.

Of course you can also keep the regular keyboard, just to input text.

Now  the Adobe® Photoshop® OR ANY IMAGINABLE SOFTWARE and other editing programs will be very simple to everyone ! You have everything under your eyes !   

To find very fast the tool, or function or the filter that you need it, we put them in different groups of colors, in order to be very intuitive.  

It is not anymore necessary to take off the hand from mouse in order to make shortcuts with both hands !

Take the tool with just one click !

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