Common Mistakes in Photo Blogging You Should Avoid

No photographer is perfect, and therefore every one of us make photo blogging mistakes. It’s a simple fact of life, and as long as you learn something from it, then it’s acceptable to say that you are doing a pretty decent job. Here are some of the most common photo blogging mistakes and ways to avoid doing them again.

Mistake No. 1: Choosing The Wrong Blogging For Your Business

There are a few options for making a blog, however, the 2 main contenders both include WordPress, which appear to generate uncertainty for photographers who are not familiar with blogging. The two alternatives include a free blog hosted by or a free installation of the WordPress software on your domain. A lot of individuals use the first option. However, it’s a mistake that you should avoid for several reasons:

  1. You don’t own or directly control over WordPress or the content, which could vanish without any notice.
  2. There is a zero SEO benefit for you since every SEO value from incoming links goes to WordPress and not to your blog.
  3. There are only limited themes and plug-ins.
  4. It’s not easy to install e-mail sign up forms.

How To Fix It?

Install the WordPress software which can be downloaded from their website. After that, you can include the themes and plugins you want. Since the website runs on your domain, you will enjoy every SEO benefit of every incoming link as well as from your own content.

Mistake No. 2: Not Posting Regularly

For your blog to be successful, you’ll have to post regularly. It doesn’t mean that you need to post every day, but you’ll have to give your viewers something new. One of the mistakes photographers make is by just posting when they have photos to show. This habit can make holes on the blog in between short activities.

How To Fix It?

Remove the dates from your posts. This will make it look like your blog is colorful with new posts. You can also easily create a publishing calendar. You can add topics other than your photography and include them in your calendar. What you need to do is follow-up by ensuring you make and publish the content from your calendar at the right time.

Mistake No.3: Failing To Put Enough Text

Opposite to what several photographers think, photography doesn’t sell itself. The truth is, it’s the text or stories behind the photos do the selling. You as the photographer is the only one who knows the real story behind the photo. Sadly, most photographers don’t use enough words to tell their stories, resulting in heavy imagery but really light text content.

How To Fix It?

True, you are a photographer and not a writer. However, you don’t need to be a skilled wordsmith to write a story as amazing as your actual work. All you need to do is type down the same words you would use if you were in a real conversation. It surely is will be awkward at first, but it will get easier with practice.