Copyright 2012 - © -  www.shortcut-s.eu - SHORTCUT-S SISTEM-S. All rights reserved. SHORTCUT-S Keyboard – Patent pending ! Release in 2014

We developed now the first SHORTCUT-S Keyboard especially for the most  used and popular photo editing software-Adobe® Photoshop®. The Worldwide feedback was incredible good. We are now in the middle of a very hard work that involved a lot of software specialists and electronic technicians in order to develop such a keyboard for other very used, popular, creative and editing software too,  like Adobe® Lightroom®, Adobe® Illustrator®, Adobe® InDesign®, Corel Draw ®, Adobe® Audition®, Adobe ® Premiere®, Adobe® After Effects®,  Final Cut Pro X®, Aperture 3®. All this SHORTCUT-S Pro Keyboard will be especially designed for the latest and old  versions of software with a logical arrangement for all keys, so the work can really flow. Every specialized Keyboard will have around 320 Keys including 10-30 customisable Keys too.

 For any other software and gaming we will develop an “ compromise ” SHORTCUT-S Universal Keyboard that will have around 200 customisable keys without key-design and logical arrangement. You can put on it whatever you want.

 In the same time a SHORTCUT-S Mini Keyboard that include a selection of the most popular and used shortcuts plus another 20 customisable Keys, will be there too.

All SHORTCUT-S Keyboard will come with a new design and will be just 6 mm thin for PC and MAC !

So, let us know for which one are you interested and we will inform you about it before KICKSTARTER Campaign and Release ! Thank you !


Adobe® Illustrator® Adobe® Lightroom® E-mail Adobe® Photoshop® Adobe®  Audition® Adobe® InDesign® Final Cut Pro X® Corel Draw® Aperture 3® Adobe® After Effects® Adobe® Premiere® SHORTCUT-S Universal * for SHORTCUT-S Mini
Dedicated Editing Keyboard  for use with  Adobe® Photoshop®  OR ANY OTHER IMAGINABLE SOFTWARE We will inform you about it before KICKSTARTER campaign and release !